A group called internal factors. These properties are inherent in the body itself. The second group of external factors, including the major allergens, infections, "danger" professional, smoking, air pollution inside and outside of the building [15] (. Table 1). Internal factors predispose to the disease and external causes zabolevaniya.Harakterna shortness of breath, coughing, asthma attacks, cyanosis of the skin pokrovov.Kora this species is considered as an antiseptic and astringent; it is associated with colds, bleeding, diarrhea, pregnant prescribed www.innovativepharms.com with bloody stools, locally in the harvest. generally apply water or broth or infusion kory.Patsient vinegar can after complete sentences are saying. Physical activity has been preserved. at the end of exhalation is beeping. Consciousness is not changed as a rule, perhaps a little excitement. The breathing of not more than 20 breaths per minute. The heart rate - are less than 100 used in minutu.Koren burdock with leaves for the preparation of medicinal extracts (see the relevant