Normally, this stone is worn as decoration in gold (rings, earrings) 0.1. Immediately after the start, you need to drink 300 ml of water (about 1 cup). This water to saturate all the cells in the digestive system and also facilitate the timely disposal of waste. Aventurine or Sunstone. I must say that Aventurine work very hard, because this stone varied and unpredictable. So it does not send has to be sustainable, it is time to take time. It is believed that no more than the lunar phases can be performed sequentially, or it will change the energy. Wear is a disappearance of the phases of the moon (eg. E. in the third or fourth quarter) is recommended. People with a strong Neptune and the signs that are imported or water, it is very uplifting when not worn. It is a stone of Don Juan, the trickster is not a player, as many think.
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La lapa

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  1. la inmensidad de simon , hasta ecologista fue , que maravilla de ser , tremendo venezolano

  2. Por favor necesito la canción de la lapa

  3. buenas, de verdad necesito la canción de la lapa de simón díaz con los niños. será que me pueden ayudar pues no la consigo.

  4. la verda

  5. por favor necesito la canción de la ´La lapa´de tío simón  pero no puedo descargarla

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